Baptism * Confirmation * Eucharist (First Holy Communion) * Reconciliation (Confession) * Anointing of the Sick * Marriage * Holy Orders


Children are prepared in Grade 2 or in later Grade.

Children go to confession before First Holy Communion.



Thank you very much to all the parents who attended organizational meeting on Sep. 10, 2019 at 7.00 PM. Below you will find all the decisions we made together - please, click on the link below.




Dates and times of catechetical sessions 2019/2020:


·         Session 01     October 06, 2019                Sunday

·         Session 02     November 10, 2019            Sunday

·         Session 03     December 01, 2019            Sunday


·         Session 04     January 12, 2020                Sunday

·         Session 05     February 09, 2020              Sunday

·         Session 06     March 08, 2020                   Sunday

·         Session 07     April 19, 2020                      Sunday

·         Session 08     May 10, 2020                       Sunday


All catechetical sessions will begin at 1.30 PM and end at 4.30 PM

    Parents and children are expected to attend each session of this Sacramental preparation.


Special Celebrations during Sunday Masses in St. Matthew:


Celebration of Enrolment - November 10, 2019 at 09.00 AM

Celebration of Illumination - February 09, 2020 at 09.00 AM

Celebration of the Presentation of the Bible - April 19, 2020 at 09.00 AM




Wednesday, May 20, 2020 - 06.30 PM



Sunday, May 24, 2020 - 09.00 AM


Contact information


Teachers:        Taner Boniface                       Phone+Text: 403-844-7569           Email:

                          Catherine van Kampen           Phone+Text: 403-845-2923           Email:


Parish office:   Vivian Duhamel                     Phone+Text: 403-845-3457           Email:

Pastor:              Fr. Leon Kler                          Phone+Text: 587-355-3947           Email:




If your child cannot come for Session, please contact Taner or Catherine.

If your child cannot come to one of the Celebrations, please contact Fr. Leon.

To provide Baptism Certificate and pay for the materials, please contact Vivian.



In the past, most Catholics have taken it for granted that preparing children for First Communion is the sole responsibility of the Catholic Schools and the Parish Catechism Programs. What does this assumption tell us about faith? We are so used to handing our children over to an “expert” for their education…a teacher, a priest, a coach, etc. And yet, the Catholic Church teaches very clearly that PARENTS, not the school, not the parish, but PARENTS are the primary educators of their children. When it comes to your child, YOU are the EXPERT!


YOU are the primary educators of your children. YOU teach them not only by what you say, but also by what you DO. And not only what you do on special occasions, but what you do in everyday life. Becoming actively involved in your child’s preparation for First Communion will tell him/her that you are taking seriously the special event that will be taking place in their lives. By your commitment, you are communicating your own faith to your child. What you do after your child’s First Communion will also communicate something about your faith to your child.


It is very vital that your child SEE the following:

• that you believe and participate in the Eucharist

• that you pray together as a family

• that you help them form their conscience in situations of everyday life (sharing their things, helping around the house, getting along with others, taking responsibility for homework, forgiving friends and siblings, giving thanks for parents, family and teachers).



For more information contact parish office.



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