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SEPTEMBER 18 - 19, 2021

SATURDAY (10.00 AM) - SUNDAY (03.00 PM)


The retreat takes place at Camp Kasota East, a beautiful, winterized summer camp on Sylvan Lake. More information: Parents are responsible for their own transportation, with the retreat beginning at 10.00 AM on Saturday, September 18, and ending at 03.00 PM on Sunday, September 19. The program will include 4 meals and Sunday Mass, faith sessions, and of course large outdoor games and campfire.  Parents are welcome to join us at Mass at 02.00 PM on Sunday. TO REGISTER: Fill in the form and bring it to Peter van Kampen at the school or email it to TO BRING: Beds are provided, but students should bring sleeping bags and pillows, as well as suitable clothing for outdoor activities.

Please know that despite the new covid restrictions announced last week, we are going ahead with our confirmation retreat as planned. EVERYTHING WE PLANNED IS WITHIN THE GUIDELINES SET BY THE PROVINCE OF ALBERTA, AS WELL AS THE ARCHDIOCESE OF EDMONTON, and is consistent with what we are doing at Red Deer Catholic Schools. Students will have to wear masks when gathered indoors, but pray for nice weather and we will spend almost all of our time outdoors!

If you have any questions, please contact Peter van Kampen either by email at  or call him at 403-848-0955.


In time of pandemic we offer our parishioners four possible options for running confirmation program for 2021:

1.      Interactive in person confirmation program, with the possibility that it will get shut down before completion.

2.      Delay the start of the program until the fall of 2022.

3.      Youth can attend one of the three online courses:

a.   through and receive a certificate, after which they can present the certificate to Father and get confirmed.

b.  Ascension Press offers their course (“Chosen”) online at

c.   Catholic Dynamic offers their course (“Decision Point”) online at

4.      Parents can prepare their child at home with the program of their choice and approved by the priest.



Normally candidates are from grades 7 and 8, but child aged 11 is considered old enough to receive this sacrament. If you have questions, please call Peter van Kampen at 403-848-0955.




Confirmation is one of the sacraments of Christian initiation along with Baptism and the Eucharist. Confirmation completes the grace received at Baptism. Through it, the candidates are more united to the church and are given a special strength from the Holy Spirit to be witnesses of Jesus Christ. 
In Baptism, the child’s parents promised for them. But in Confirmation, the young person makes the decision on their own to say "yes".
The Sacrament of Confirmation is celebrated by the Bishop or a priest and is conferred by the laying on of hands followed by the anointing in the form of a cross on the forehead with chrism (perfumed oil consecrated by the Bishop).


The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit:

Counsel (Right Judgement)
Fortitude (Courage)
Piety (Reverence)
Fear of the Lord (Wonder and awe in God’s presence)





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